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Hipster Harry Potter

Loving these minimalist Harry Potter posters by Jeca Martinez, a multimedia artist and obvious Harry Potter fan from the Philippines. The overwhelming single colour background contrasted against the chosen icon reveals the crux of each book, exposing the important through the simple. On top of that, it’s interactive. If only these had been around on the book covers themselves. Now that would be magic.

Hat tip to Neha Prakash over at Mashable.

Get your friends inked in the mail

Maybe it’s the company I’m lucky to keep, but I feel like non-holiday greeting cards are all the rage. Tattly has paired up their temporary tattoos with letterpress printed cards in five designs by Jessica Hische, Mike Lowery, Jen Mussari and Tina Roth Eisenberg (swissmiss) herself. I like this tandem because it extends the life of the thought and makes it wearable. I just received a few from Tattly HQ myself and the quality is choice, definitely something you can feel stoked about sending to a friend since they come with envelopes.





Now time for a PSA… send holiday cards, yes, but also send mail when it’s unexpected. It just feels good to get handwritten notes in the mail.

Hidden Gems: Arts On Main

Near the freeway, on the outskirts of Jeppestown in Johannesburg, hides a tiny outdoor food & design market. It’s not too dissimilar to the markets you’d see in San Francisco or New York: chock-full of street food along with ample beer flowing. The scene  is laid back, the graffiti plenty, and the people friendly. There’s also Africa’s first design museum right around the street. From the look of it, Joburg’s  going through a serious transformation these past years, with the market as only one of the many indicators that things are definitely on the mend down this side of the equator.

Arts & Main-27

Arts & Main-25

Arts & Main-13

Arts & Main-17

Arts & Main-26

Arts & Main-29

You can learn more about the market on their website. Definitely don’t miss heading there if you’re in town on a Sunday afternoon.

100 | 50 | 1 = photography for a good cause

It’s said that San Francisco is the most Instagrammed city in the world, which isn’t surprising considering it started here. So it also makes sense that SF would be home to 100 | 50 | 1 , a new photo exhibition featuring some of the best mobile photographers from around the planet.

Friday night, those photos (specifically portraits) will hit the gallery walls and be available for sale, with proceeds of the show catalog benefitting 100cameras, a non-profit that teaches kids photography and helps them sell their prints to support their local communities. It’s a do good, feel good event organized in part by our pal Dan Cohen (Collective Good), so come on out and be a part of empowering kids to create real positive change in the world.

p.s. The event says sold out, but we’re told it’s totally cool if you still swing by. There’s also a portrait photo walk the next day too.


When: Friday November 8th, 2013, 6:30-10:30PM
Where: The NWBLK, 1999 Bryant St. San Francisco
Facebook Event Page
100 | 50 | 1 Portrait Photo Walk

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