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Holiday Matinee’s December Mixtape!

It’s time to close out the year and these last few days at work (or school vacay) with some mixtape jams. We skipped Christmas songs this year because that’s not what we’re here for (and it’s over), but we’re hoping you’ll dig these jams even more. Oldies, songs getting popular and bands few have heard of. You’ll find them here.


Dancing to James Blake

I’m a visual person, so when I find a song I really love, I usually end up looking it up on YouTube to see if there are any great videos or live performances to go with it.

That’s what happened last week when I looked up James Blake’s Postpone. I didn’t find any live performances or official videos, but I did find an improvisational dance, which I came to find is 20x better in its own special way.

My search finding quickly unraveled into a YouTube vortex of all kinds of dancers moving to James Blake. With a search, you’ll find improvisational dances and choreographed dances ranging from contemporary dance to ballet and popping and locking.

I’m a dancer myself, and the fun part I’ve found about dancing to James Blake is that there are so many layers of music going on. You can pick one layer and flow with it, or you can jump from layer to layer. Also: James Blake just makes so many good beats.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to move to James’ tunes, though. I highly recommend turning on Retrograde or Life Round Here, let your body start moving, and see what happens. Chair dancing is totally acceptable.

My favorite results came from “James Blake improvisation” and “James Blake choreography.” I pulled some of goodies and embedded them below. Feel free to dance along.

Henry’s Concepts

Love this little project that weaves childhood imagination with adult creativity. Apparently, the story goes that one day Henry (the kid) posed and then asked the nanny to do something similar (so he could take a photo of her). The whole thing turned into a big concept piece they work on together, aptly titled “Henry’s Concepts”.

Wish I had a nanny this cool when I was a kid. Few photos below, full list on the photographer’s blog.

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

Hat tip to Jason Kottke for the find.

I’ll still watch music videos when they’re this good.

Okay, so not more a couple days after I wrote about Halcyon Tone, the guys there released a dope as all hell video for a new song off their EP. We’re all familiar with GIFs and the annoyingness about what the correct pronunciation is (or really just anyone that cares), but what’s rad about the GIFs that make up this video is that they were put together using photos from a vintage Nimslo camera.

This camera takes four frames simultaneously at slightly different angles and what the guys did was weave those images into GIFs (most of which are portraits of really unique characters) to create the video. This particular track is called Tendency and is a collab between Liquid Pegasus and NYC/Minneapolis duo Estate. It’s definitely worth a watch and if you’d like to check out more, you can pre-order the three song EP on Bandcamp.

Halcyon Tone just wants you to boogie.

There’s a super imaginative project coming out of Tokyo by record label and music house Halcyon Tone. I have no idea who’s behind it besides the names Josh and Chris, but the duo there is producing music of their own under the guise of fictitious artists with clever, sometimes hilarious backstories. For each of the seven artists, there’s a short bio about how stardom and fame didn’t materialize, which is interesting because those are the stories in vast abundance that we often don’t hear. Music for each artist ranges from a single track to an entire LP in the electronic/funk/dance variety. All tracks are for sale.


I’ll let you dive in by leaving you with a couple of my favorites, but here’s hoping that they continue with this project. It seems like they’re having a hell of a lot of fun with it.

The exchange student / euro pimp Sergio Gantz is here with his own brand of Euro-centric ’80s boogie! He’s landed on our shores, scheming to seduce all the high school girls and host mothers in America!

Some people just take off before the steam settles, both in love and on the dance floor. Carmelle croons as if wandering through a club full of strangers looking for a girl who’s gone and left him with nothing but her underwear and some steamy memories.

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