I’ll still watch music videos when they’re this good.

Okay, so not more a couple days after I wrote about Halcyon Tone, the guys there released a dope as all hell video for a new song off their EP. We’re all familiar with GIFs and the annoyingness about what the correct pronunciation is (or really just anyone that cares), but what’s rad about the GIFs that make up this video is that they were put together using photos from a vintage Nimslo camera.

This camera takes four frames simultaneously at slightly different angles and what the guys did was weave those images into GIFs (most of which are portraits of really unique characters) to create the video. This particular track is called Tendency and is a collab between Liquid Pegasus and NYC/Minneapolis duo Estate. It’s definitely worth a watch and if you’d like to check out more, you can pre-order the three song EP on Bandcamp.