Dancing to James Blake

I’m a visual person, so when I find a song I really love, I usually end up looking it up on YouTube to see if there are any great videos or live performances to go with it.

That’s what happened last week when I looked up James Blake’s Postpone. I didn’t find any live performances or official videos, but I did find an improvisational dance, which I came to find is 20x better in its own special way.

My search finding quickly unraveled into a YouTube vortex of all kinds of dancers moving to James Blake. With a search, you’ll find improvisational dances and choreographed dances ranging from contemporary dance to ballet and popping and locking.

I’m a dancer myself, and the fun part I’ve found about dancing to James Blake is that there are so many layers of music going on. You can pick one layer and flow with it, or you can jump from layer to layer. Also: James Blake just makes so many good beats.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to move to James’ tunes, though. I highly recommend turning on Retrograde or Life Round Here, let your body start moving, and see what happens. Chair dancing is totally acceptable.

My favorite results came from “James Blake improvisation” and “James Blake choreography.” I pulled some of goodies and embedded them below. Feel free to dance along.