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Yo! MTV Raps Mixtape

Yo! MTV Raps was the shit. Just the other day I happened upon a pack of the trading cards Monique got me and as I was thumbing through, decided to make a mixtape from the artists in the pack. I’ll do this again when I get my hands on some more.

p.s. Can’t see the tape above? Click here for a mobile friendly jams.


What does home mean to you?

File this one under projects worth following. My pal Kim Thomas has recently been traveling the US asking people what home means to them. Through photos and interviews, Kim gets answers to that question and often the conversation leads to the subjects sharing more about their lives.

I like this series because it’s a question I’m always pondering and at least for me, gets complex. Is it where I was born? Grew up? Feel most comfortable or loved? Kim asks people of different ages this question and it’s always interesting because you get a sense of what people value (not that there’s a right or wrong answer). I also have to give big ups to her for talking to strangers because I don’t think we do enough of that anymore.




You can follow What Is Home on Kim’s blog or live vicariously through her Instagram, where she posts a lot of pretty pictures.

Do you take ghosts with your coffee?

I’m already sporting the Ghostly logo over the Apple on my Macbook Air, but I might have to spring for the Ghostly Coffee Bundle because it looks so damn fine. It’s actually a collaboration between the Matthew Dear record label and Ypsilanti, Michigan-based roasters Ugly Mug, but funny enough, anything but ugly. Just hearing the city Ypsilanti was good enough to remind me of this Sufjan classic, so I’m willing to give their coffee a shot. For the full story on the collab, head here.


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