OmmWriter helps me enjoy writing

Being alone with your thoughts can be therapeutic, but I’ve always found writing on a computer to be tricky for staying on task. Even when I shut off wi-fi, I still get the urge to browse photos or organize my desktop. To cope with my monkey mind, I’ve been using OmmWriter for a couple years, but never thought to mention it. Since the team out of Barcelona just so happens to have released a new version (Daña II), I figured it’d be an opportune time to talk about it.

Ommwriter is a minimalist program for Mac, PC and iPad that lets you escape clutter and where the only thing to do is write. There’s optional ambient music and keystroke sounds along with a few different backdrops and fonts to make things to your liking. Even saving is kept simple with options for .txt and .pdf files. The video below was created for a previous version of the program, but will still give you an idea of what the experience is. Daña II just adds a few new options into the mix. If you’re looking for a new minimalist space to write the next great American novel, screenplay or even just a blog post, check this one out. It’s name your own price, but don’t be too much of a cheapskate since this could easily be worth it if it gets you writing more.