I wouldn’t mind more Porous Walkers in this world

I’m not sure why I’ve never given Napa artist Jimmy DiMarcellis, (aka Porous Walker) a shout out before, but let’s put an end to that. See, a few years ago I stumbled upon a drawing he made and emailed him asking if it was for available for sale as a print. Much to my surprise, I not only got a response, but a request for my address so he could put a poster and collection of stickers in the mail for me, just because. Acts of generosity like that stay with you and sure enough, when I came across one of those stickers recently I ended up following his Instagram where he posts many of his funny sketches. What I like about his art is that it’s playful and he’s not afraid to be a little edgy or crude in a world where everyone is trying to be cute to make a buck.




Reading up on him some more, I found a excellent video by The Creative Lives that shows what Porous is all about. It’s the kind of story that restores your faith in humanity so I highly recommend checking it out.