SoundCloud can add to your shoebox of memories

For the most part, I use SoundCloud to discover new music. Some of my favorite artists post tracks there first and it’s a dope way to find remixes, mashups and rare tracks that will never make an album or stream on Spotify or Rdio.

But probably one of the more interesting uses of SoundCloud has nothing to do with music at all. Many people are using the platform to make field recordings, voice memos for long-distance relationships or capture precious stories from family members and friends. I’ve even used it as a therapeutic device when I needed to vent, get my thoughts out of my head and didn’t feel like bothering anyone.


Image via 1000memories

Many people hold shoeboxes of photos and letters dear to them, but how interesting would it to be to have audio recordings that journal your thoughts in your own voice? To me, it makes everything that much more real and is far more valuable than logging an ephemeral post on Facebook or Twitter. There’s no doubt we’ll look back and shake our heads in embarrassment at what we worried about or didn’t have the wisdom to appreciate, but I also feel like we can lock away inspiration we’ll be glad to call upon someday. To hear the optimism, energy and excitement of yourself at 20 years old with your entire life ahead of you is priceless. It’s the kind of thing that could bring you out of a slump at 45 when the world has done its best to crush your spirit and you’ve stopped believing you can change the world. It just might remind you of who you really are.

I thought about making a big list of interesting finds I’ve had on SoundCloud, but instead I’m just going to encourage you to get lost and find some gems of your own (and list them in the comments below!). I will leave you with a recent favorite though – Cassie Marketos documenting the story of how her parents met. It’s kind of amazing.

It doesn’t get any easier than hitting the record button on the SoundCloud app. What are you going to capture?