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Shwood and Louisville Slugger make a baby

Alright so this is baseball post #2 of the day, but man is this SMRT. Portland eyewear designer Shwood teamed up with Louisville Slugger to release limited edition sunglasses on opening day. The glasses are made from the very same ash wood used in bats and the video really sells it by conjuring up all my little league memories. They might not flip up, but who’s going to be the first MLB player sporting these? [via Hypebeast]


It’s opening day, time to throw out the first pitch

Today is opening day for most MLB squads and it made me think about the ceremonial first pitch. It turns out this has been a presidential tradition for nearly a hundred years and it’s interesting to see how our leaders of yesteryear didn’t even toe the mound. Other highlights? JFK throwing out the first pitch was like the bride tossing her garter, George W. Bush throwing like a boss (you have to give him that) and Obama in need of some practice.

Now for what you really wanted to see, the worst first pitches of all-time.

Is a reflective bicycle the answer to less ghostbikes?

Ghostbikes are tragic. That’s why I really appreciate what Mission Bicycle Company has been up to with their new Lumen bicycle, a reflective bicycle for city riders. The inspiration for this was born out of wondering how reflective street sign technology could be applied to make cycling safer at night. I won’t get into the intricacies, but it turns out reflective coatings previously only worked for 2-D surfaces until Mission Bicycle got together with some friends at Halo Coatings to make it possible. The result is a frame that returns light directly to it’s source (cat-eye effect) and is visible up to 1,000 feet away.

This bike has gotten tons of press, but as I write this it’s still a little shy from it’s Kickstarter goal to get the project off the ground. All the folks over there are ace and I personally couldn’t be happier with my bicycle from them. Here’s to many more Midnight Mystery rides and safe trips home.


Get your creative on.

Here’s your daily dose of inspiration thanks to the selby (i.e. Todd Selby), documenting fashion designer Audrey Louise Reynolds in and out of her house. It’s part of a new book (and his ongoing blog work) that takes a look at creatives in their environment and talks with them through their creative process. I’m particularly taken with Audrey’s curiosity in this vid, it’s refreshing to remember we can walk outside wide-eyed and eager each and every moment of the day.

Video below, Todd’s book available on Barnes and Nobles. Originally found this from the good folks at FastCo.

36 hours at TED

Checking in on Foursquare and there walks Sting. He was riding solo and sporting some crazy “ain’t give a shit” parachute pants. To be honest, it was a nice alternative to the sea of blazers adorned by the boys club of conference attendees. Later today, he’ll be at our Delta installation. Man, I hope Winslow gets a selfie with him. Btw, does Sting have a middle name?

It’s been awesome to see our Social Soul installation being received so well. People who get it, really get it. They walk away smiling and wanting to gush about what they just experienced. Then, we tell them you can sneak a peek inside from our secret periscopes and they reach level 5 flip-out mode. I’m reminded how rewarding it is to design experiences that make people feel this way.


Oh look, there’s Seth Godin. I recognize his iconic glasses from afar. Is it weird I’m starstruck? I’m 38 yet this man gives me goosebumps full of inspiration.

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix walks by and I can’t help but think of binge watching House of Cards. For some reason, I looked to see if he was wearing a Frank Underwood ring. Tap tap. No dice.

The theater doors open for lunch and we’re greeted by a small army of creative heavyweights. Josh Spear and Aaron Dignan (Founders, Undercurrent), Scott Belsky (Founder, Behance), Mark Ronson (Music Producer), and CEO’s from Zappos, PSFK and Google. My brain is swarming with ideas and I’m feeling motivated. Grab my laptop and post up in Jawbone’s communal work station to ride the momentum.

Cameron Diaz is here. I have no idea why but my co-workers insist she looks amazing and apparently that’s all that matters.

My hangover from last night’s 3-hour client dinner is finally starting to fade. I’m reminded of this while seeing Al Gore and Bill Gates schmoozing in-front of a massive installation by Target. Let’s hope their credit cards weren’t compromised. Sorry, bad joke.

TOMS is here. They built an empire around their One For One shoes and here at TED, they’re launching a new product: coffee. I didn’t get the full scoop but it appears water will be donated for every bag of coffee purchased.

Social Soul @ TED

Vancouver is absolutely stunning. The convention center is set to a backdrop of snowy mountain-tops, lakes and vibrant city-scapes. Remind me to come back when I’m not working and have more than 36 hours to explore.

The TED staff curated several break-out lounges that provide attendees with ample opportunities to unwind, co-work, and shop. Next to Google Glass and Citi Bike was a showcase of creative furniture, including my new favorite, Buoy by Turnstone. At first, it looks nothing more than an oversized stool or ottoman. But the genius is in it’s design. It swivels and reacts to your body’s movements like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Maneesh, if you’re reading this, be prepared for an all-out pitch replacing our office chairs with these gems.

Edward Snowden is at TED. Not really but sort of. He’s on stage via a mobile kiosk that looks like a cross between a Segway and Facetime. Chris Andersen is interviewing him and unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of talk of government secrets and coverups.

My Delta notification pops up and thus it’s time to head back east. A quick purchase of Austin Kleon’s new book and I’m ready to go. Oh look, there he is. Thank you, Vancouver. It’s amazing what happens when people get together.

Social Soul @ TED
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