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Frank Gehry says fuck you

I personally don’t know enough about architecture to have an intricate, intelligent debate about it, but I will always appreciate the humor in a good fuck you. You can read more about why Frank is pissed here.


Our October 2014 mixtape

After watching this moving mini-doc on Northern Soul, it only feels right to┬áinclude a track on this month’s mixtape. Besides that, we’ve got indie rock, regular rock, electronic, and much more. Dig in and let us know what tracks you’re feeling.

p.s. Not seeing a tape above? Mobile users treat your ears here.

Websites make themselves now? Word.

There’s Squarespace, Virb and countless other platforms to build websites, but something called The Grid looks like it could be a game changer. According to the company, they’ve created artificial intelligence that takes all the words, pretty pictures and videos you give it and shapes them together in a way that makes sense for you. Right now it looks like you have to drop some loot on becoming a founding member to find out (I haven’t yet), but perhaps you will find it worth experimenting with.

One thing’s for sure though. It will revive the usual AI debate over making jobs obsolete.

Mill Valley Film Festival shorts worth watching

One of the perks of blogging is that sometimes people deem you influential enough to check out rad stuff. To celebrate their 4K Ultra HD TV, Sharp sent me to the Mill Valley Film Festival to check out a night of short films. I just wanted to share two of my personal faves with all y’all.

Take me to the sunny side

Oaklandish continues to impress. They sponsor tons of great events, put out dope designs and donate a good chunk of their proceeds to helping improve Oakland. Here’s one of the latest designs I’m feelin’. Give it up, give it up.



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