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Travel more spontaneously with Whimsy

Paris. Berlin. Barcelona. Those are all great cities, but now there’s a site out there dedicated to bringing you to some of the offbeat, breathtaking places on Planet Earth. Whimsy offers a small selection of flights to places like Myanmar, Musandam or Kerala. All flights are out of London right now, but even if that isn’t home for you, the video that plays on the site is crazy feel-good.


When in NYC, Ride The Subway

This clip from Broad City isn’t even that much of an exaggeration to anyone that has ridden enough subway cars in NYC. Don’t be an Upper East Sider and live your life in private. Embrace the experience that is public transportation.

A backpack for all adventures

I’m digging this TOPO Designs x Woolrich collab on the Rover Pack. It’s got a laptop sleeve, but also some side pockets that don’t rule out taking this bag on outdoor adventures. Being handmade in Colorado doesn’t hurt either [via Gear Patrol].


The 99U Quarterly

Print magazines are hot. Either that or I’ve just been obsessed with them lately. We’ve given shout outs to Stack Magazines and Offscreen before, but another intriguing one is the 99U Quarterly. I can’t attest to the quality yet, but it promises practical advice on executing ideas, profiles on interesting creatives and the latest research on getting shit done. Sounds like something I’d be into. First issue ships in March.



Our January Mixtape

Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” That may not have been the only reason Bob was feelin’ good, but we do hope our first collection of  jams this year does you well. On this month’s mix, you’ll find music by Ivan Ave, Longclaws, The Dreaming Spires and a few other artists we just can’t seem to get enough of. Be sure to let us know which track’s your fave.

p.s. Not seeing a tape above? You’re mobile so you best head here.

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