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CreativeMornings now in San Diego

I’m stoked to share that San Diego now has its own chapter of CreativeMornings, the free monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community. Nate Spees will host and we’re also very proud that our pals Chadwick Gantes, Greg Gibson and Mike Spear are part of the team helping make this event great.

If you’ve never been to a CreativeMornings before, go. You’ll be treated to coffee and a presentation on the theme of the month. Plus, it’s an excellent place to meet new rad people. This month’s event will be Friday January 23rd at Moniker Warehouse (Snowflake Bakery building) where Jason Russell will speak on the theme of Ugly. For the latest info, follow CM San Diego on Twitter and Instagram.


Let some strangers know what you’re good at

Interesting idea here by Coffee Shop Freelancers. Laptop decals that advertise your skill set as a freelancer. I’m not quite sure I want to be in networking mode all the time, but then again you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there. There’s a right and wrong way to use these and we’re bound to see some clever uses. If it’s starts more conversations between strangers, that’s always a good thing.



Days of the Week Mixtape

Whether you dig the Garfield or Ricky Gervais Monday philosophy, I thought a days of the week mixtape was in order to kick off the first full week of 2015. Here’s a song for every day of the week, double-dipping on the weekend.

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The joyful experiences of a struggling band.

You work your ass off. You stand tall but feel small. You can’t hold a steady job. You’re almost always living paycheck to paycheck. You have no idea when or if it’ll ever take off. And yet, you’re having the time of your life. You’re doing what you’re supposed to. And you’re damn good at it. Like many of us, this was Goldrush, an English band we signed in 2005 and tried to help break. These guys were some of the most talented musicians I’d ever met – both on and off the stage. I introduced them to In-n-Out Burger and they introduced me to a world of Americana indie-rock bliss filled with Teenage Fanclub-esque melodies, fuzzed-out keyboards, trumpet solos and poetic lyrics. They toured and toured, played all the festivals, did radio interviews, received national press, licensed music to hit shows and put on one hell of a live show. All signs pointed toward success. Yet, a funny thing happened. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Paul (my record label partner) and I were dumbfounded. Three years and another brilliant record later, the outcome was the still the same. It’s absolutely baffling but taught me a lot about life. Sometimes you work your ass off on the things you totally love but don’t get rewarded with what you thought you deserve. It’s humbling and at times harsh but it happens. And guess what? It’s ok. Goldrush is now The Dreaming Spires. They’re still writing and touring and releasing some of the best music you’ve never heard. And to that, I throw my headphones on and say, “hell yeah!”

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