In it to Pin It: 10 Brands Bringing Flair Back

We need to talk about your flair.

Collectible pins used to be something you only found at Little League games or theme parks, but I’ve noticed pins are making a stylish comeback, thanks to some super cool lifestyle brands popping up in my neck of the (online window shopping) woods.

If you too want to up your lapel pin game, I suggest perusing my 10 favorite pin producers!

City of Industry

Image: City of Industry

Do you share my enthusiasm for snail mail and kitchen supplies? Then you’re gonna want to look into City of Industry’s fun collections.

Explorer’s Press

Image: Explorer’s Press

According to these guys, ‘applying their pins or patches to your jackets and bags leads to an approximate 75% increase in coolness’. They’re perfect for the photog, adventurer, or coffee aficionado in your life… i.e. everyone you know.

Georgia Perry

Image: Georgia Perry

OK, so Georgia Perry’s two coolest pins are currently sold out, but I refuse to leave her off this list. BEES!

Good Worth & Co.

Image: Good Worth & Co.

Want to say “up yours” in style or make mom frown? Good Worth & Co. has you covered.

Greenwich Letterpress

Image: Greenwich Letterpress

In addition to a ton of cute paper goods, Greenwich Letterpress also stocks wearable accessories. One of each please!

Night Watch Studios

Image: Night Watch Studios

Beer. Bigfoot. VHS. All coming soon to a Night Watch Studios near you!

No Fun Press

Image: No Fun Press

Need I say more than smiling pile of poo emoji pin? Didn’t think so.


Image: Pintrill

Is “bae” part of your everyday vocabulary? Do you empathize with Drake’s tears? Are you goin’ up on a Tuesday? Keep it trill then.

Valley Cruise Press

Image: Gym Standard

When I first spotted the BFF pin, game was over. Turns out Valley Cruise Press also makes coozy pins, dancing chocolate donut pins, puffy shirt pins, and pins inspired by the desert. Cut. It. Out.

Yo Sick Zine

Image: Yo Sick Zine

I’ve seen a lot of pizza pins out there, but this one is definitely my fave. Chiquita Poutina and chill ice cream cone seal the deal.

Lucky enough to live in San Diego like me? I’ve found some good pins here:
Gym Standard
Kobey’s Swap Meet
South Bay Swap Meet

If you feel like the bare minimum is enough, then OK, but some people choose to wear more and we encourage that, OK? You do want to express yourself, don’t you?