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The Magic of Lighting

Stunned by this lustrous little video from director Nacho Guzman that rotates a single source of light on an actress’s face. It’s a teaser for electronic band Opale, inspired by Henri Georges Clouzot’s “L’Enfer”. The way the light/camera combo transforms her expressions almost makes it seem as if it’s a different person, illuminating the power that lighting has on our ways of seeing. Only about 2 minutes, well worth the peek.

Hat tip: Khoi Vinh

Create something today

Here’s your mission for the weekend (and every day for that matter).


Check out more from Words Brand here.

Cotton Bureau is fulfillment for good design

I’ve been digging the designs at Cotton Bureau for my new threads lately. The curated service lets anyone upload designs for tees and sweatshirts and if they like your design, they showcase that to the public. If 12 folks pre-order, your shirt gets printed and if you get 25, you get paid. Cotton Bureau handles all the production and fulfillment, probably the most frustrating part of creating any product.

bikes-beer simplicity-takes-courage

Puddle together some funds for your next creative project

Puddle is an interesting experiment in peer lending. It features super simple terms and there are no credit score or applications needed. Everything we wish the financial industry was, right? Puddle is very social in that it uses Facebook profiles, allows people to endorse friends as trustworthy, and the amount you can borrow is determined based on your contributions and history of repayment. Right now, people are using it from anything from paying their bills to groups of Lyft drivers sharing funds for car repairs. I could also see this as empowering groups of creatives to help each other get their own projects off the ground, whether it’s materials for their next art show or a little cash up front when your camera gets totally busted. Let me know if you want to join the group I started.


Tip more than your hat to the Skinny Dipping Report

Maybe it’s that moment of anxiety right before you remove your skivvies. Maybe you have no qualms at all about getting naked. Either way, there’s something about skinny dipping that feels like freedom. To honor the pastime, a group called The Skinny Dipping Report has been putting together a photo calendar every year since 2012. It features people around the world skinny dipping in some truly beautiful spots and the stories behind the photos, along with some helpful recs of what to do and where to stay/eat/drink nearby. If you feel like sharing your photos from this year’s adventures, TSDR also accepts submissions to be considered for next year’s calendar.

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