Do-Tell: Ashley Lauren Dickinson, Kinda Kind

Ashley Lauren has been a model, TV and radio host, web producer and traveled the world. Things many of us dream about. Still, that didn’t stop her from feeling like she and many others were spending way too much time keeping up that they forgot just how important it is to be kind. In order to give back, Ashley started Kinda Kind, a site that reminds us that practicing kindness is fun, easy-to-do and can have an enormous impact on someone’s day. We asked Ashley to explain why kindness is badass and why she left a safer path to pursue her passion. Read on below and be sure to check out her site. It’ll help balance out all the negativity you encounter online.


Why is kindness so badass?

Just like Morrissey said, “It’s so easy to laugh, it’s so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind.” Too often people confuse kindness with weakness, and that sucks. Being kind is courageous. The power of kindness is immeasurable.

You’ve taken a leap of faith and are doing Kinda Kind full-time now. What inspired and gave you the confidence to take that risk?

I spent years working jobs that I felt didn’t love me back. I’d give my all, work really hard, feel discouraged and they led me nowhere. I realized those jobs didn’t light me up. They weren’t aligned with my passion. I’ve always believed that when in a rut, you must throw yourself out of your comfort zone. So when the startup I worked for went under, I realized it was a total blessing in disguise, and it was finally time to follow my passion and take on Kinda Kind full-time. Also, I figured it’s better to take a risk than regret not doing so later.

What are three things anyone can do to be a kinder human being?

1. Be aware of your actions, for better and for worse. Your actions can leave a large impression on someone and make an impact on their day or life. There’s so much power in what you do. If you ever feel powerless or like your actions don’t matter, just think of a fruit fly: so small, yet it has the ability to completely annoy the hell out of someone.

2. Make the golden rule your guiding light. Simple as that.

3. Find your passion and use it for a purpose. Giving back shouldn’t be a chore, and it won’t be if what you’re doing lights you up and aligns with your passions. Realize that this can apply to anything. Love animals but have limited time? Spend a few hours every month helping out a local shelter. Really like math and numbers? Tutor an underprivileged kid or help complete the taxes of someone who’s trying to get back on their feet. Whatever your passion, there’s a way for it to make a positive impact on the world and the lives of others, including your own.

Tell us two things you’re excited about right now.

1. Continuing my web series Don’t be an Asshole and working on starting another one.

2. I’m starting a series of happy hours that will each benefit a different local charity. They all have cute names and themes and will be an awesome way to increase community engagement.