Saving for the big moves

This is the time of year that makes me ashamed of¬†consumer culture. But instead of sharing the Black Friday horror stories, I thought I’d mention two tools geared towards making it easier for people to save, when the average American household credit card debt is over $7,500. If you put away money regularly, you’ll have options when you want to make moves, whether that’s literal, for your career or something else. These services have been widely covered, but I figure the reminder can only help. We want to see all of you have the means to love your work and work your love.

Digit –¬†Digit analyzes¬†your spending habits and removes a few dollars from your checking account if you can afford it. There’s a no¬†overdraft guarantee and you can access your savings anytime via web or text message.


Acorns – Acorn works much like a keep the change program, rounding up debit and credit card purchases to the next dollar and squirreling away those funds. You can also schedule auto-savings and allocate your savings in investment portfolios from conservative to aggressive.