Adult adult coloring books are in

Adult coloring books are nothing new, but what’s been less covered is all the “adult adult” coloring books out there. These could be the perfect solution to add some more spice to wine night or get you in the mood for whatever you fancy. If we get Porous Walker to make one, I’m so in.

Fill Me In – This shop has Kama Sutra-themed coloring books, calendars, greeting cards and more. Also due out soon is Just The Tip, a male adult coloring book. That Kickstarter runs until June 20th.



The Fetish Coloring Book – If kink’s your thing, there’s a coloring book for that.


Dick Dog and Friends – Blending humor and pervertedness, this one is sure to get a second look when it’s prominently displayed on your coffee table.


Color My Boobs – Not one to discriminate, this book promises “an amazing variety of boobs for every taste.”


Sex Position Coloring Book – It’s tagline is “SEX IS FUN! COLORING IS FUN! NOW, COLORING SEX IS FUN!!!” Nuff said.


p.s. If you’re looking to meet like-minded folks that share your affinity for adult coloring, check out Boobie Trap in Bushwick. They have a stack of pages for you to color while getting your buzz on.