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Will augmented reality make us lose control?

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to catch an advance screening of Creative Control, a film about an advertising executive’s foray into the world of augmented reality and the complications when he decides to have an “affair” with his buddy’s girlfriend using virtual reality. With VR being so timely, this is an interesting watch so you can ponder what technology may enable us to do really ridiculously soon. The cast features Benjamin Dickinson and Nora Zehetner with supporting actors that include Reggie Watts, Jake Lodwick, Heems and Gavin McInnes.

Maybe the most interesting part of the experience was that Dickinson and Watts were in the house for a lengthy Q&A and conversation that spilled into future technologies, capitalism, and why they chose to shoot in black in white. While you may not have opportunity, the film is good fodder for discussion with your pals.

Creative Control starts showing for reals on March 11th, starting in New York and Los Angeles.

Our February mixtape

In honor of President’s Day, we’re letting the POTUS kick off this tape with a special message. After that you’ll find plenty of jams old and new from Anderson Paak, Childbirth, Common, Day Wave, Diiv and more. Throw it on and tell us which one is your fave.

Can’t see the cassette? You must be mobile.

All Mobile | Spotify (some songs not avail)

Annie Free, I’m stoked on you

Some errant Instagram tapping led me to discover Malibu-based artist Annie Free and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. Her style is fun, whimsical and California dreamin’ so if you’re into that kind of thing, take a look and pick up a couple greeting cards. They will absolutely help make someone’s week because as Annie reminds us , “In the age of texting and emails, sending a handwritten note is more important than ever!”




Create Now! [review]

If you find yourself experiencing creative block, Create Now! A Systematic Guide to Artistic Audacity, may be the jolt you need to get back into the flow.


Meant as a resource you can keep going back to, Marlo Johnson’s handbook guides readers through the stages of setting an intention, creating, sharing work and receiving payment. It does this by asking multiple choice questions that help uncover why one may be procrastinating or building other barriers. If you’re wondering how much of a time investment this book is, the answer is not much. I read the entire thing on my 45 minute commute.

What I like about this guide is that it’s forgiving and not more of the tired work harder bullshit advice. It acknowledges that you need to take care of physical, mental and emotional needs to create to your potential and doesn’t make you feel bad for being the imperfect humans we all are. It doesn’t kick you down for having negative emotions or doubting your skills and wants to help you move past that.

The other thing that lends this guide some credibility is it’s coming directly from a creative coach with the experience and empathy for the challenges people face in creating. I’ll be testing out the process on a project that I’ve been longing to get started with. If you’d like to take plunge with me, here’s where you can find the book.

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