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Call 415-529-6057 for a good time

The folks from Pop-Up Magazine and California Sunday have a new storytelling project I’m digging. It’s called Phone Stories and it starts by you calling 415-529-6057. You’ll be treated to a 2-minute short story concerning a very specific moment of your life, whether it’s making coffee, getting dressed or gazing into the night sky. New stories drop every other Sunday and I refuse to spoil what the first one is about. Just call it.


Mahalo to Vans for making these kicks

I’m digging this new Digi Hula pattern from the Vans Spring Collection on their 60th anniversary. Whether you go low or high, the classic Hawaiian dashboard hula dancer is a nice touch. Now the only that beckons is Maui, Kauai or your best kept secret.





Bow down to your new king of sweaters

Talking about Cosby sweaters is a bit conflicting these days, but fear not because Reggie Watts has been sporting even better ones and doesn’t assault people. One mega fan Alaina has gone as far as to create Reggie’s Sweaters, a celebration of Reggie’s sweaters as worn on Comedy Bang! Bang! Each Friday she’s releasing an image of Reggie in a different sweater and plans to recreate each sweater pattern as a 15″ quilt block. Eventually she’ll stitch ’em all together into a queen-sized sampler quilt, which is pretty rad.



Running a high school is rough

Dave and I are huge fans of Eastbound and Down, so you bet we’re pretty pumped for HBO’s new comedy series Vice Principals to air in July. The show stars Danny McBride and Walton Goggins, and judging by this teaser, it looks pretty fucking funny.

Our March Mixtape

We’re back with our monthly mixtape and from here on out, we’ll be serving it your way, whether that’s webSpotify or Apple Music. This month has tracks from HEARTWATCH, La Sera, Junior Boys and many more. And Jay, if you’re reading this, drop us a Tidal subscription and we’ll throw this on there too. Maybe.


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