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Our July mixtape

When we were putting together this month’s mixtape, the song selection got dark, I think because we’re all spending too much time dwelling in the doom and gloom predictions of the internet. Luckily, a quick trip to Woodsist Festival influenced the final selection and brought balance to include some dreamy tunes. On this edition, you’ll find tracks from Yumi Zouma, Nice as Fuck, Kari Faux, Sugar Candy Mountain and more. Kick back and have a listen!


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It’s what’s on the inside

I love Toddland apparel and when I recently bought a few new pairs of their shipwreck shorts, finding Norm the disapproving seal inside was just lox on my bagel. What other brands do a good job with their tags or interiors? p.s. Fuck Norm, these shorts are dope.


Unlock history with a QR code

QR codes seem mostly useless, but artist Stan Flouride put them to good use when he made a mural of one in San Francisco’s famed Haight neighborhood. Simply snap a photo of the mural with a QR reader and you’re treated to historical photos of the neighborhood. Pretty rad, right?



Stan also gives walking tours of the neighborhood. If you want one from a legend, give him a ring at 415-863-1621.

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