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Our November mixtape

What a month! If it’s felt like a hot mess and you’re just wishing 2016 was over already, you’re not alone. Despite the loss of a few more music greats (RIP Leonard Cohen and Sharon Jones), let’s remember life is a gift to begin with so we’re going to keep dancing (and still fighting for what’s right). Pop in this mix and take solace that weed in now legal in a few more states!


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Pants for people who like pants

I’m excited to share that our former intern Nick Sugihara has been working on a clothing project called IJJI. The name comes from the Japanese word イージーパンツ (i-ji-pantsu) — a.k.a Easy Pants — and started as a challenge to design a pair of unisex pants that you wouldn’t want to take off, even if you’ve had a very long day. The result is a dope looking pair of drawstring pants constructed of Japanese fabric and made in California. If you’re ready to take your pant game up a new level, now you know where to go.





This weekend, hug it out

Pretty funny awkward PSA here about the benefits of hugging from Andrew Garfield and Jo Hart. They went ham on a 90s low-production feel and it’s pretty cool that this was actually done for Youth Mentoring, an organization that helps at-risk youth in LA and is encouraging both donations and uploads of 20 second hugs through the end of the year. Never forget the power of humor, even for social good.

Illustrations from the west siiide (of Australia)

I’m really feeling the illustrations of Perth-based (west siiide Australia) artist Charlie Gurman, so much so that it had me wondering what an animated series featuring her characters would be like. Seriously, can someone make that? In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep tabs on her Instagram and show some support by picking up a copy of her book.




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