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70s snaps for days

It’s hard to believe (because I baseline everything on the 90s), but the end of the 70s was almost 40 years ago. I’ve always looked at photos from that decade with fondness because although it had its problems, I’m not sure we can top its film photography, goofy humor, and short shorts on EVERYONE. I’m not sure why I was searching for photos with the term 70s picnic, but I was happy it led to my discovery of My 70s Tumblr. Dig in and remember what it feels like to get lost in a Tumblr instead of social media. That will be 40 years old before we know it too.

Want more? Yeah you do.

Our March 2017 mixtape

This month’s contributor is Valerie Luu, a food hustler, writer, and vagabond keeping things creative in San Francisco. We should know, Kiran met her through one of her art projects. Valerie kicks off the first song of our mix with a song that personifies her and her biz partner Katie’s restaurant — 50% Southeast Asian, 50% rock and roll. Tune in and learn more about her latest venture below.

Listen on:  Spotify | Apple Music

About Valerie Luu

Photo: Kyle Emery-Peck

To people that have had the good fortune of experiencing them, Valerie’s creative projects are legendary. And what makes them so good is her willingness to get out in the streets and talk to people, in a world when most are destined for hunchback posture from staring at their phones.

She once documented San Francisco’s 7×7 square grid by living in eight different neighborhoods over the course of one year. She also co-created a style blog called Chinatown Pretty, showcasing the unique fashions of Chinatown seniors. Now she’s working hard to give her restaurant Rice Paper Scissors permanent digs, while actively standing up for immigration and women’s rights with Social Studies, a civic group.

You can keep up with Valerie by following her Instagram, but what would mean even more is helping her bring a little Saigon to the streets of SF with a pledge on Kickstarter.

Penclic goes harder on Scandinavian design than IKEA

It’s been a while since I thought about keyboards (other than how to get better about not eating around my laptop), but my new desk setup put me on the market for one. Curious as to what was out there before going default Apple, I remembered Penclic, a company pairing classic Scandinavian design with keyboards, mice, and more.

The folks there were nice enough to send me a sample of their Mini Keyboard C2, and after a few weeks of use, I’m pleased. It’s attractive, quiet, and while I’ve never had any wrist jockey injuries, they seem to take their ergonomics seriously.

If you want to switch up your daily office accessories, give Penclic a spin. They’ve got some solid looking wireless options as well.

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