Juniper Ridge cologne

It’s been an eternity since I’ve used cologne. Coincidentally, it was Eternity from Calvin Klein, freshman year of college. Since then I’ve gone with regular showers and body wash/deodorant. There was just something about traditional colognes that didn’t sit well with me — they were overpowering, artificial, and when I opened magazine samples, I felt like I was being gassed.

Juniper Ridge lifestyle photo

That being said, the new gender-neutral cologne from Oakland’s Juniper Ridge has got me reconsidering.

Juniper Ridge cologne options

What I like about this line is they ditch harsh chemicals and make the fragrances from wild plants, trees, and essential oils. Plus, you can choose your spirit habitat of deserts, coasts, or mountains. It’s not always about standing out. Sometimes it’s just about complementing your surroundings.