Everything is F*cked [book review]

The paradox of the world is that we have less violence and extreme poverty than ever, but we wake up every morning and it seems like a shit storm outside. How do we reconcile this? How do we know what to freak out about? How do we carry on? This is what Mark Manson explores in Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope.

Everything Is F*cked book cover

What’s the gist?

Manson tries to make sense of our chaotic world. It’s a thought-provoking read that encourages us to consider what maturity is and if the pursuit of happiness is actually the very thing that is keeping people from being happy. Pain, as much as we try to avoid it has real value in making us less fragile, raising the quality of our character, and giving our lives meaning.

Should I read this?

Yes, a lot of people will benefit from reading this book. It’s going to give your brain a great workout, but has humor, pragmatic advice, and wisdom from philosophers that’s still very relevant. It instills the value of not constantly running from your feelings. For me, a major topic of consideration was the idea that maybe we’ve lost our ability to not jump into a violent argument just because someone has a different opinion or life experience than us. Whatever takeaways you resonate with, this book will probably have you look at life differently once you read it (in a good way).

Notable quotes

“Over the past couple of decades, people seem to have confused their basic human rights with not experiencing any discomfort.”

“You cleaning up your relationship with yourself has the positive by-product of cleaning up your relationships with others, which then enables them to clean up their relationships with themselves, and so on.”

“The most precious and important things in life are, by definition, non-transactional. And to try to bargain for them is to immediately destroy them.. You cannot conspire for happiness; it is impossible.”

“Throughout the rich and developed world, we are not living through a crisis of wealth or material, but a crisis of character, a crisis of virtue, a crisis of means and ends.”

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