Need help with goals and focus?

It’s a few weeks into 2020 and what’s almost as cliché as having new year resolutions is saying how resolutions don’t work. But if you’re like me, having a bunch of goals is easy — you just get overwhelmed and don’t know when you’re being too ambitious.

An iPhone and Air Pods showing the Focus on This podcast

I went on the hunt for help and came across a Focus on This podcast episode called How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Your Goals. I recommend a full listen, but my biggest takeaway was not having more than three goals for each quarter of the year. By scheduling your goals to quarters of the year, it gives you renewed focus and permission to hold off on other goals until it’s time. Oh, and pro tip: use the first quarter for a goal/habit that supports another goal you have later in the year. For example, building a better sleep habit during Q1 to help fuel a creative project later in the year.

So if you’re feeling like you need to simplify all the amazing things you want to do, give this a listen. The hosts can be a bit too bubbly at times, but they mean well and it’s useful advice.