What WFH looks like

Instagram, Pinterest, and other unachievable design standards can leave us feeling blue about our WFH spaces. So we wanted to share our humble abodes. Because it’s not the extra fancy digs that get the job done or birth the next great idea — it’s whatever makes you comfortable and allows you to focus. What are some of your favorite comforts while working from home?


We recently moved to a new house in NJ and I was able to design my home office from the ground up. A few brands I’ve patronized to make this office feel comfortable include: Grovemade (desk mat), The Sill (fake plant), Carolyn Suzuki Goods (notepad), Burrow (rug), Target (end table, lamps), IKEA (desk, shelves), Laura Furniture (chair), Audioengine (speakers), Timothy Goodman (art), Stephen Powers (art), Vaughn Fender (art).


Since all of my interesting objects are at the office, the most interesting “object” at home is my cat, Shadow. She has been participating in every Zoom meeting and showing off her superior typing skills. She’s also really great at keeping me on task.


My WFH setup is pretty simple. A couple things of note are Bradley Mountain Mezcal candle to keep my space smelling bomb, Warby Parker spectacles & case so I can see, candy stash because I have the biggest sweet tooth, my dope mouse rug that makes me smile, the special print I commissioned by Aleksandra Berlinsky for my husband Alan’s wedding gift, and of course PLANTS!


Here’s my humble situation. In my alien mug is not a beverage but a burgeoning collection of fortune cookie fortunes from Chinese food orders. Behind the MOMA membership are some business cards — mainly from my trip to Japan last year.

Got a WFH setup that works well for you? We’d love to see where you #WorkHardCareHard.