2020 Holiday Gift Guide

So maybe holiday shopping doesn’t matter as much with everything else going on. But we still want to continue one tradition — original picks that can make you the gift giver extraordinaire. Enjoy our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Monique’s picks

ORANGE & PARK San Diego Beach Towns Print – Our homies at ORANGE & PARK released a terra-cotta version of their classic print that pays homage to San Diego’s legendary beach communities, and you don’t even have to be a local to appreciate its perfection. Get this print for all the sans-serif aficionados on your list.

Oxford Pennant Gimme Some Sugar Mistletoe Mini Pennant – Making out under the mistletoe is one of my favorite holiday traditions, so I was delighted to see this new mini pennant from the folks at Oxford Pennant. Besides looking festive AF, you can also reuse it every year for unlimited kisses!

Aloe Frost Nudie Moodies Planters – During one of our many pilgrimages to Joshua Tree, we visited The Station and I discovered these perfect planters from Aloe Frost. While the maker is based in North Carolina, there are plenty of stockists across the country that carry his wonderful nudie “moodies” and he drops a collection on Etsy about once a month.

‘And Here We Are’ Corgi Print – My husband and I recently welcomed a cute corgi into our family, so we clearly need this print from the fine women behind ‘And Here We Are’. If corgis don’t rock your world, 1) you’re a monster and 2) check out their studio’s site for more letterpress goodness.

Gregory’s picks

Otter Incense Holder – If you enjoy incense to set your creative intentions, allow me to recommend this otter-shaped holder made with love on the west coast (of Ireland).

The 99% Invisible City – A field guide to the hidden world of everyday design. Pick up one for the urban explorer in your life.

Amuseable Cauliflower – Way cuter than the cauliflower rice you cooked to keep the holiday pounds at bay.

Ramen Blanket – Cuddle up and stay warm under a pile of noodles. Love that these come with a storage pillowcase that looks just like ramen packaging.

CLIP LUXE Wall Hook – Because your home office deserves a little whimsy in the form of gigantic accessories.

Daves’s picks

John O’Hara Vinyl Art – Lofi art for lofi nights in.

Friendly Faces Puzzle Bundle – Puzzles and beautiful stationery from Carolyn Suzuki.

The Cushion Lab Pillows – Because you never were a fan of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mantras.

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece – Cargo pocket sweatpants that don’t warrant a call to the fashion police.

Great Jones ‘Fully Baked” Bakeware – Pastry essentials that The Great British Baking Show would surely approve of.

Kiran’s picks

Pop-Up Magazine’s Issue in a Box – Since they can’t do live shows right now, Pop-Up Magazine got creative and developed a new way to take in their storytelling series. This one’s a beautiful (and tasty!) collection of interactive stories, objects, and artwork for your home.

Barking Irons Denim Chore Shirt – Love this Japanese denim shirt. Why do I get the feeling that it will be someone’s favorite vintage find in the distant future?

Burrito Blanket – Gregory’s already mentioned the ramen blanket, and because food-obsessed minds think alike, I had this burrito equivalent on my list. It’s perfect for curling up and… eating your favorite burrito.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich 2nd edition – This book teaches you about personal finance, automating savings, and it may have the highest ROI on anything I’ve ever bought — in terms of time and money.

NIVA Save Our Stages merch – Independent venues are on the guillotine right now with many taking huge loans out to pay their rent. If you know a live music fan, they’d be thrilled to receive some awesome NIVA merch like tees, masks, pins, tote bags, and ear plugs.

Like our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide? Feel free to share it and support one of the many small businesses mentioned. Remember, gift giving doesn’t need to be just once a year — or require money. You can give impressive gifts with your time and energy too!