How To Be Creative 02: Approach Life As An Art

Stomp out any traditional notions you have about what art is. Sure — drawing, painting, and music are all artistic expressions, but they’re not the only ways to be an artist. Too often there’s that misconception and it makes people sheepishly concede that they’re not creative. I call bullshit because we’re all creative. Don’t be held back by the belief that you need to practice traditional arts in order to be creative.

It’s time to start approaching more of the things you do in your life with the intention of making art. And don’t worry, the possibilities are endless. If you own a store, your art could be your unique rapport with customers. If you’re a barista, that little edge you give to a macchiato or the quirky messages you write on customers’ cups can be your thing. Art is about being you — something that even your doppelgänger can’t replicate. It’s time to stop worrying about what other people think and go for it.

If you make the effort to find art in the seemingly mundane, you’re going to feel amazing. This I promise. When we get lost in art, it makes us feel special. It’s as if we parceled up the most complex strands of our DNA to share with the world. And if you can bring purpose and meaning to the most ordinary moments of life, guess what? You are most definitely creative.

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