How To Be Creative 06: Ignore the Skeptics

New ideas are always resisted, even if they’re great. You know that. Maybe the idea seems too far-fetched and ambitious, or perhaps it’s so simple that everyone who didn’t think of it is hoping it’ll fail. Sadly, there are people out there that don’t want an idea to take off unless it’s theirs. Such are humans, unless they know better.

And it’s hard to deal with that. Because maybe you just had the epiphany of a lifetime and no one gives a damn. It’s ignored, criticized, called stupid, and pretty soon you’re believing the words coming out of everyone’s mouths instead of how you really feel. So make like Hugh MacLeod and ignore everybody. If you need to vent and shout “Fuck him/her”, do it (in your own privacy). But know that when I say ignore everyone, know that I really just mean ignore unconstructive feedback. Criticism without an explanation drives me mental, but learning from people constructively tearing you down is essential. Learn to recognize the difference and channel any rage you have into energy towards your projects.

Just think how ridiculous a lot of things we have today were at conception. Weren’t the first trips into outer space ridiculed by doubters? Wouldn’t social media seem ludicrous to explain to someone 35 years ago? Progressive change doesn’t come from people fearing being shot down. They just find a way to make it happen. Your struggles probably aren’t nearly as insurmountable, unless you’re figuring out time travel, and in which case I REALLY want to meet you. But don’t be afraid to pursue something just because someone thinks it’s silly. I’ve always liked the Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) approach where he admits he makes something he likes and believes there are other people out there that will too. Everyone doesn’t have to. And it might take you nine different ideas and a whole lot of emotional energy before something sticks, but trust that you’ll get there and it’s worth it.

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