4 creative investment opportunities

Fintech has blown up. And that has created a bunch of new ways to invest according to your preferences and values. Here are four creative investment opportunities you may consider after taking care of your fundamentals like your IRA, 401(K), and emergency fund. I’m going to feel irresponsible unless I mention that.

Nico – You may be familiar with REITs (real estate investment trusts) but Nico has a unique take that lets you invest in a neighborhood that you dig. Essentially, you buy shares of properties and build a long-term financial stake in the community. Right now, Nico is focused on Echo Park in Los Angeles, but may expand their model elsewhere. Why not invest in places you love to live in?

Masterworks – Quite literally a creative investment, Masterworks lets you build a stake in blue-chip art. It’s a different way to become an art collector. Their main selling point? Outperforming the S&P 500 stocks in recent years.

Masterworks logo and blue chip art pieces

Betterment Socially Responsible Investing – Build your portfolio by investing in companies that align with your values, whether its climate change or social causes. It’s up for debate on how effective this really is — since companies ultimately chase profits, but it may be worth exploring.

Infographic with bar graph, plants, and scales to communicate socially-responsible investing.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) – I won’t mention cryptocurrencies as that’s gone pretty mainstream, but another another hot investment are NFTs. Essentially you own a digital collectible that is verified as the original or one of a limited number (learn more in this video). Some of the top marketplaces as of this moment are NBA Top Shot and OpenSea. As of right now, NFTs have a massive carbon footprint so there are ethics concerns. It’s still really early to say what the future of these will be.

Which of these creative investment opportunities holds the most promise? Do you have something we didn’t mention? Let’s hear it in the comments.