W1D1 infuses some creativity into your day

We talk a lot about making time for creativity and all the wonderful benefits that brings. And while your phone is a distraction from that (let’s be honest), it doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions. I’ve recently been digging W1D1, an iOS app that bills itself as workouts for your creativity.

Crystal with art as a tool written on it

On W1D1, you can flex your creativity with daily art challenges that don’t take all day and help you build some confidence. You can also get inspired by how others from around the world have approached the challenge.

W1D1 app screenshots

I’ve done a few challenges so far such as photographing my place of power and stability or pricking pins into a photograph to build on the image. I enjoy having a prompt to run with and I love that this app isn’t idiot-proof — there’s a learning curve when it comes to navigation (at least it doesn’t look like every other thing online). Plus, I appreciate the low-touch app notification reminders (1/day) and commitment to not sharing our personal data.

I definitely wish I’d known about this during the pandemic lockdown, but better late than never. Come join me on there and enjoy some creative challenges.