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Your backpack game is strong.

Damn impressive. That’s the general sentiment following Topo Designs x Ps & Q’s new collaboration. Limited to 50 so better hurry on this magic. And if you’re not familiar with Topo Designs, that’s a shame. They only make my favorite sweatshirt of all time.

Organization and good design at its best.

I’ve totally fallen in love with the beautifully designed home and office products from Most Modest. I’ve already picked up a couple placemats but my real soft spot is for the Simon. Can’t say enough good things about companies who keep it simple, clean and fucking beautiful.



Fluffy dogs getting haircuts in slow motion.

I want this on loop in my home, car, office, brain… For more, follow Jess Rona on Instagram.

If you stumbled upon an Oreo vault…

What could possibly be inside these top-secret Oreo vaults? I’m not at liberty to say but damn it’s good.

oreo vault

For anyone that loathes laundry but loves biking…

God bless design students and their weed. More about this ridiculous invention here.


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