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I Swear to Good You Are God at This is a visual playground of creative inspiration. The book features 25 people, projects and ideas who are committed to being creative and making awesome.



“It is designed beautifully, which makes it lovely eye candy. I specially recommend it to anyone with great ideas but still afraid to take the risk to make them happen. This book will give you the push you need to go for it.”
– HolyCool.net

“I was blown away by the whole spirit of the book, and how unbelievably positive and full of energy it is. Seriously! You are a man on a mission, and you are unstoppable. The world needs more people like you.”
– Marc Johns

“Get the American Awesome dream in one book.”
– Thorsten Konrad

“The positive energy you put into your book is remarkable and I hope it will spread all around to many other artists. I also hope that all art museums around the globe will include your book into their stores.”
– Diego Stocco

“I received the book today and just checked it out – I gotta tell you, it rocks! I love it. You’ve showcased some awesome, awesome ideas out there in the book. After going through it, I feel so privileged that DoGood is actually part of it :). I love it. You’re doing an amazing thing here – with the book, the website and the ideas you’re digging up and spreading. Keep the stuff going. And please let me know if there’s any way I could help. This is the kind of book that one can go through over and over again, and gain some inspiration from it with every page turned.”
– Kunal Jham, DoGood

“I Swear To Good You Are God At This = Awesome”
– Nikki Farquharson, Designer

“I’m checking out Holiday Matinee’s I Swear to Good You Are God at This. Deadly witty.”
– Kyle Cameron, PSFK

“I want to take the plunge and do something creative, that I love… but I’m a little intimidated. And then I find out about your book! Perfect timing!”
– Serena Chang

“Knowing that it is your creation, I already knew we’d be blown away by the layout!”
– Justin Cooper, Society 6

“Your book makes me want to rip up all the design books my mum got me for Christmas off Amazon ’cause they are LAME.”
– Cat Ewins

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