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This is how obsessed I am with chai lattes and animated portraits.

I’ve got a problem…I can’t seem to kick. These drinks are incredibly unhealthy yet I’m totally addicted. It’s been going on for years – please send help. And while you’re at it, have a look at these incredible animated portraits by Romain Laurent.


Chinatown Pretty is prettay, prettay good

I’m super excited to share Chinatown Pretty, a photo and interview project that documents the street-style of seniors living in San Francisco’s Chinatown. For the past year, Andria Lo and my pal Valerie Luu have been schmoozing with Chinatown residents as they went about their daily routines. What they discovered was the unique fashion that is equal parts unexpected, rad and as they like to say, “not just pretty, but Chinatown Pretty.”



I’ve always known Valerie to be involved in interesting projects, but these photos and the work that went into it, going as far as enlisting Cantonese translators, is something special. If you’re in SF, it’s all coming together in an exhibition and opening reception this Friday that pairs the photos with interviews to help tell a story. Stop by for the opening or check out the exhibit before the end of February.

Everyday Visual Joy from Wallcat

Born out of frustration with stagnant desktop backgrounds, our buddy Dustin Senos just released Wallcat, a simple + free desktop app for Mac that refreshes your screen each day. Dustin handpicks the images himself and offers three channels (Fresh Air, Structure, Gradients), but he’s been doing a fantastic job and I’ve found myself looking forward to the surprise each morning. It has also motivated me to keep my desktop uncluttered so I can fully enjoy each photo. Wallcat is taking suggestions for new future channels and looking for more photographers to work with, so if that’s you, give him a shout. Here’s to that side hustle.



Plastic Bags of New York

Photographer Nicole Espina recently moved to NYC via San Diego and is totally embracing her new environment with her project Plastic Bags of New York. The project, living on Instagram and Facebook, pairs photos of discarded plastic bags with real quotes from Humans of New York. It’s highly entertaining to personify these bags and I’m glad something good is coming from all that waste. Plus, it’s really funny to imagine her chasing after plastic bags in the streets to get a good shot.

“I can walk around this city and point to 200 or 300 buildings I’ve worked on. Sometimes I go a little overboard with the pointing”

A photo posted by Plastic Bags of NY (@plasticbagsofnewyork) on

“I’m taking a break from setting goals” A photo posted by Plastic Bags of NY (@plasticbagsofnewyork) on

Absence makes me grow fonder for Ivan Ave

I’ve been looking forward to more smooth beats from Oslo’s Ivan Ave (thanks Rashid for getting me into him) and he just released this new ditty called Machines. As an up and coming record collector, I love all these shots of vinyl covers to go with the lyrics. The Helping Hands LP is due out in February on Jakarta Records.

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