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Ping Pong All Stars

We have the best time just creating. Sure, it’s nice to be successful, but sometimes all you can do is the make the stuff you like and see who salutes. We’ve always been into a good game of table tennis (remember this fine day back in ’09?) so we decided our next design would celebrate the rec room athlete in all of us. Ping Pong All Stars is available as tees, tanks, clocks, pillows and more in our Society6 shop.





Shwood and Louisville Slugger make a baby

Alright so this is baseball post #2 of the day, but man is thisĀ SMRT. Portland eyewear designer Shwood teamed up with Louisville Slugger to release limited edition sunglasses on opening day. The glasses are made from the very same ash wood used in bats and the video really sells it by conjuring up all my little league memories. They might not flip up, but who’s going to be the first MLB player sporting these? [via Hypebeast]


It’s opening day, time to throw out the first pitch

Today is opening day for most MLB squads and it made me think about the ceremonial first pitch. It turns out this has been a presidential tradition for nearly a hundred years and it’s interesting to see how our leaders of yesteryear didn’t even toe the mound. Other highlights? JFK throwing out the first pitch was like the bride tossing her garter, George W. Bush throwing like a boss (you have to give him that) and Obama in need of some practice.

Now for what you really wanted to see, the worst first pitches of all-time.

Remember when the Giants won the World Series?

Remember when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series and the Mission went bonkers? There’s a zine for that. As much as I despise rioting and destroying the city you live in (when your team won!), I had to scoop up a copy of this World Champs 2012 Hamburger Eyes zine. Judging from the few photos I’ve seen so far, Ray Potes makes it seem like the riots were twenty years ago, not two weeks. It captures rioters, revelers, low-riders, sweet Mexican hairstyles and some of the seven million high fives that went down the evening of October 28, 2012. You know, humanity at its finest hour. I’m just hoping he snapped a shot of the “Gaints” biggest fan too.

World Champs 2012 zine

World Champs 2012 zine

A glorious, 8-bit montage to the Olympics.

Is there a medal for Olympic nerding? This 8-bit montage of awesome got me so fired up I might just blow on a Tecmo Bowl cartridge and get ready for game night.

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