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Tip more than your hat to the Skinny Dipping Report

Maybe it’s that moment of anxiety right before you remove your skivvies. Maybe you have no qualms at all about getting naked. Either way, there’s something about skinny dipping that feels like freedom. To honor the pastime, a group called The Skinny Dipping Report has been putting together a photo calendar every year since 2012. It features people around the world skinny dipping in some truly beautiful spots and the stories behind the photos, along with some helpful recs of what to do and where to stay/eat/drink nearby. If you feel like sharing your photos from this year’s adventures, TSDR also accepts submissions to be considered for next year’s calendar.

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Travel more spontaneously with Whimsy

Paris. Berlin. Barcelona. Those are all great cities, but now there’s a site out there dedicated to bringing you to some of the offbeat, breathtaking places on Planet Earth. Whimsy offers a small selection of flights to places like Myanmar, Musandam or Kerala. All flights are out of London right now, but even if that isn’t home for you, the video that plays on the site is crazy feel-good.


A simple man needs a simple bag.

The smart folks at Drifter had a great idea – if the nylon they used to make parachutes was strong enough to safely land a human, wouldn’t it make one heck of a sturdy bag? Not only is the Fly Pack more durable than the average bag, it’s lighter too and includes an inside zipper pocket, adjustable shoulder straps and top and bottom web loops. Best of all, it’s made in the motherfuckin’ US of A!

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Fly Pack

The perfect carry-on bag for life on the road.

Flying hasn’t been fun in decades but there’s now a bag that looks to ease your TSA pain. It’s called the Minaal Carry-On bag and features lie-flat packing, zip-away straps, a removable rain cover and plenty of device-friendly compartments. It comes with a hefty price-tag but could be worth it for travel and design junkies (like us).

Minaal-carry-on-bag-angled_1024x1024 Carry-on-bag-side-zip_1024x1024 Minaal-carry-on-bag-open_1024x1024 Carry-on-bag-side_1024x1024

My neighborhood guide to San Francisco

After nearly 3 years of living in San Francisco, I’ve learned that the tech scene is only a small part of what makes this city special. To me, it is and always will be about the beautiful scenery, diversity of people and local independent businesses that build community and make me feel alive. It was tough to choose just 15 places and these might not be on anyone else’s best of lists, but here’s a neighborhood guide to some of my favorite spots in the city.


p.s. Looking for more of our city picks? Check out Brooklyn, Philadephia, Los Angeles and San Diego.

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