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My neighborhood guide to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is my home. I live in a former rubber stamp building that’s nestled between several of my favorite neighborhoods: Boerum Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Brooklyn Heights. Seven major subway lines are just a few short blocks away. So is the Barclays Center, where I’m counting down the days before the NY Islanders call it home. Everything you need is in walking distance, everything delivers and everything about this neighborhood is just my speed. I’ve really fallen in love with this part of Brooklyn and with the help of Jauntful, I created a personal (printable) guide with a few of my favorites just for you. Enjoy!


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Hidden Gems: Arts On Main

Near the freeway, on the outskirts of Jeppestown in Johannesburg, hides a tiny outdoor food & design market. It’s not too dissimilar to the markets you’d see in San Francisco or New York: chock-full of street food along with ample beer flowing. The scene  is laid back, the graffiti plenty, and the people friendly. There’s also Africa’s first design museum right around the street. From the look of it, Joburg’s  going through a serious transformation these past years, with the market as only one of the many indicators that things are definitely on the mend down this side of the equator.

Arts & Main-27

Arts & Main-25

Arts & Main-13

Arts & Main-17

Arts & Main-26

Arts & Main-29

You can learn more about the market on their website. Definitely don’t miss heading there if you’re in town on a Sunday afternoon.

Arrive or Depart in an airport tee

Listen up Virgin America, or any other cool airline really. What would be really rad is giving away these Pilot & Captain airport tees to every passenger in a lucky flight. I know airlines are often broke and subsidized, but a thoughtful gesture like this would win me over. It’d be a solid addition to any airport gift shop too.




Wander the world without leaving your bedroom.

Travel. Art. Design. If a combination of any of those piques your interest, read on.

Wander, whose “About” section on Facebook quotes Dr. Seuss, has an incredible Tumblr that you should browse immediately. The artwork you’ll find there stems from their Postcard Project, in which they asked their favorite illustrators “to imagine a postcard from everywhere and nowhere at once.” Many of them feature travel quotes that will send you Googling for your next international flight. They’re also available to download for free as high-res iPad or iPhone wallpaper.

Aside from the Postcard Project, the company remains somewhat mysterious. If you sign up, you’ll find a landing page that reveals more information about creating a Wanderlog, which I’m assuming will be somewhat of a visual travel journal allowing you to share places that inspire you. All speculation, of course.

Wander is also having a limited sale on for the next couple days, which you should definitely check out. Oh, the places you’ll go!



Kengo Kuma: Corporate cool.

Alright. I have a new goal for 2013: visit this Starbucks. Yeah, you heard me right. My #1 goal is to visit a Starbucks. What’s yours?

But it’s not just any Starbucks, as design milk notes. This one’s designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates, famous Japan architects who have used 2,000 (or so) wood sticks to give this coffee shop a very peaceful and unique atmosphere. Suited, as its actually right next to the Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine in the Fukuoka Prefecture. So I guess I could visit that place too. But that Starbucks? That’ll be the event. Just goes to show that even if you’re corporate doesn’t mean you can’t go for cool. Artistic creativity can, and should, express itself in many shapes and forms.

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