Five Minutes with Kumar

Five Minutes With Kumar is a web series about my good friend, Kumar Pallana. He’s an eccentric dude with a backstory that is equal parts compelling and inspiring. With Kumar, one minute you are laughing out loud and the next you feel your heart beating on par with Kumar’s wisdom.

Many believe Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson “discovered” Kumar when they cast him in their classic debut comedy “Bottle Rocket”, but Kumar’s hardly new to show business. In fact, he’s actually a world renowned vaudevillian entertainer who once shared a stage with the Rat Pack and performed on classic television shows like Captain Kangaroo, The Ed Sullivan Show and The Mickey Mouse Club. But just as Kumar was at the height of his fame — he gave up the only life he had ever wanted or known — to begin a new life with his family. Now, forty years after he retired his gravity defying plate-spinning routine from the road — I grabbed some cameras and booked him an unconventional comeback tour — performing in dive bars, comedy clubs, and senior centers.

My relationship with Kumar transcends age and stereotypes. We are two vastly different individuals on entirely different paths… yet one freakishly similar destination. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Five Minutes with Kumar (Trailer)
Welcome to the world of Kumar. We spent two weeks traveling up and down the west coast, from dive bars and senior centers to late nights at Denny’s and performing at comedy clubs. Here’s a taste of the upcoming web-series, “Five Minutes with Kumar.” Music by The Incredible Moses Leroy and Arabella Harrison.

Five Minutes with Kumar (Episode 1)
Welcome to the world of Kumar Pallana. In this episode, Kumar takes us back to the days of being a bodybuilder, vaudevillian entertainer and freedom fighter. The man never stopped making people happy. Music featured in this episode by The Traditionist and Ryan Ferguson. Title track by Incredible Moses Leroy.

Five Minutes with Kumar (Episode 2)
In Episode 2, we hit up Kumar’s weekly bridge game at the Oakland Senior Center, learn about the Indian Card Shuffle and see him do what he does best – make people smile. Music featured in this episode includes jams by Kennedy and Coconut Records. Title track by Incredible Moses Leroy.

Five Minutes with Kumar (Episode 3)
In Episode 3, we fly to Hollywood, spend a few nights at The Chateau Marmont, learn Kumar’s favorite number, his “Biptea” joke, a performance at The Laugh Factory and his philosophy on living the simple life. Music featured in this episode: The Electric Soft Parade & The Jealous Sound. Title theme by The Incredible Moses Leroy.

Five Minutes with Kumar (Episode 4)
Kumar shows his true character during a dinner-party in San Diego and a sold-out performance at a local cafe. His warmth and humbleness shines as the message is clearly well received. Music in this episode features Track Star and Coconut Records. Title track by The Incredible Moses Leroy.