Five Minutes With Kumar
Created by Holiday Matinee

Five Minutes With Kumar is a web series about my good friend, Kumar Pallana. He’s an eccentric dude with a back-story that is equal parts compelling and inspiring. With Kumar, one minute you are laughing out loud and the next you feel your heart beating on par with his unparalleled wisdom. Watch the trailer below and all four web episodes here.

This Is Charlotte King
A short film by Holiday Matinee + Breadtruck Films

“This Is Charlotte King” is a short film about an overly efficient meteorologist who believes she can help people through her noble heart and love for the atmosphere. Her adventures are driven through a quirky mix of dialogue, cinematography, music and beautiful compositions throughout San Diego, California. Written, directed and produced by Jeffrey Durkin and Dave Brown, the film was made in collaboration with Ford Motor Co, Holiday Matinee, Sezio and Breadtruck Films and recently won best picture at San Diego Film Festival.

A documentary film by Hans Fjellestad

Publicity by Holiday Matinee

MOOG, a documentary film about Robert Moog, inventor of the modern synthesizer, is a portrait of the legendary figure in music and technology and his ideas about creativity, design, interactivity, spirituality and his collaborations with musicians over the years. It was an absolute honor to meet and work with such an amazing and inspiring individual. RIP Bob!

A documentary film by Holiday Matinee

For several years I was a band manager for The Album Leaf (i.e. singer/songwriter and multi-talented Jimmy LaValle). We had traveled all around the globe – to Japan, Paris, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, England and practically every State in America. I had licensed his music to national television shows and advertising campaigns along with getting him signed to various record labels and publishing companies. It was a good run and we were having the time of our lives. In 2004, Jimmy was heading to Iceland to record his new album at Sigur Ros’ studio. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document the experience. The record company wasn’t interested so I decided to fund it myself. I really wanted to capture the personality and creative process during this recording as I knew it was gonna be magical. And sure enough, when it was all said and done, the label wound up including this on the album and it’s since gone on to sell over 25,000 copies worldwide.

Book Trailer
“I Swear To Good You Are God At This”

I Swear to Good You Are God at This is a visual playground of creative inspiration. The book features 25 people, projects and ideas who are committed to being creative and making awesome. And to further our love-affair with video, we decided what better way to promote our 72-pages of self-publishing than make a DIY book trailer. How do I purchase this fine book? Simple, click here.

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